The chemical industry program is focused on the following production process technology:

  • technology containers,
  • containers,
  • transport containers for granular materials,
  • vacuum container in EX version,
  • heat exchangers,
  • reactors,
  • columns,
  • pipelines,
  • walkways with stairs, guard rails.

In the chemical industry program we also make transport containers for the transportation and storage of essential oils and other concentrates under pressure, mixing container of larger volumes, weighing-mixing containers and pressure containers destined for the textile industry for dyeing fabrics.


Based on long experience of our experts in all fields of mixing, dosing and transport of various materials, INOKS offers you complete solutions to your mixing systems. When designing and constructing we use high-tech components for dosing, weighing and mixing techniques, transport and packaging in combination with our mixers. They are fully adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. This means that the mixing principles and power, dimensions and materials of construction are adjusted for characteristics of mixed products.

The diversity of technology needs of customers requires new, modern production methods. As a result, our mixers are divided into constructional groups and are produced by our documentation. Our highly qualified professionals carry out final assembly, test operations and quality control. This method of production is inexpensive and simplifies the use of cutting-edge procedures and ensures high quality of our products.

Given the flexibility of capacity we are able to realize a wide range of specific solutions for our customers and provide a very good delivery times.

Our production program:

  •  mixers for powder mass type MS, MT, MK, BK, V
  •  vertical mixers type MV, MVS, MVP
  •  Combined mixers type MVH
  •  Container mixers type MC
  •  mixing unit type ME
  •  dryers of various designs
  •  making of various equipment according to customers wish

Fields of use:
Chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, rubber, ceramic industry, pigment industry, detergents, insecticides, fertilizers, mortars, glues, silicone and other mastics, other sealants etc.


  • mixing dry products (powdered, granular and fibrous),
  • mixing dry products with liquid additives
  • mixing of liquids, pastes
  • granulating products
  • stimulus
  • loosening products
  • process reactions