Everyone is certainly proud of regulated community. A major contribution to this is the solution to the problem of waste water and sewage. Maybe you are just preparing for the construction or alteration of sewage treatment plant, so we want to present you our treatment plants.

The INOKS Company has been working with manufacture and assembly of technological equipment for quite some time. We are qualified for all types of technological equipment for the biological treatment plant, from rough cleaning (removal of rough particles and sand), biological treatment, to water analysis by European standards.

Given the fact, that it is at today’s pace time is money, we cooperate with a company Micro Medica, who has developed a pilot control system in waste treatment plants. This means that with one center we can controlle more water treatment plants, while mobile phone inform the person of any failure.

In the context of our activities we have under long-term satisfaction of our customers opted for the three types of sewage treatment plants that are largely similar.

They are characterized by:

  • They occupy small piece of land;
  • The building can be designed in such a way that completely coincides with the surroundings;
  • Low operating costs per m3 of water purified (this of course depends on what kind of purity we want to achieve);
  • The structure can be modified so that the first phase of treatment takes place indoors, so the smell passes in the environment as little as;
  • Waste materials resulting from treatment in dry form can be used as fertilizer in agriculture;
  • Odpadne snovi, ki so rezultat čiščenja, ki so rezultat čiščenja v suhi obliki in se lahko uporabljajo v kmetijstvu kot gnojilo;
  • With additional oxygen blowing device we can increase capacity up to 100%;
  • All phases of treatment may be complimented and in such a manner even without the high cost of increased operating capacity.

About the quality of our work and sewage treatment plants, you can also check the sewage plants:

  • Central Waste Treatment Plant Domžale,
  • Central Waste Treatment Plant Ljubljana,
  • Waste Treatment Plant Lukačevci 2.000 E,
  • Waste Treatment Plant Ivanjci 800 E,
  • Waste Treatment Plant Negova 600 E,
  • Waste Treatment Plant Ptuj,
  • Waste Treatment Plant Koper,
  • Waste Treatment Plant “Schmidt” Feldbach – tannery in Austria,
  • Summary pool Murska Sobota
  • Summary pool Gornja Radgona

This is just a brief introduction of our treatment plant and ancillary facilities. For further information we are available at the headquarters of our company, at your request we can also arrange a meeting at your company.