Renewable sources of energy

In the 21 Century one of the biggest problems is growing energy consumption and decreasing supplies of fossil fuels. The lack of fossil fuels has led to research on the use of renewable energy resources and the development of new technologies for energy production. One of the most effective energy is biogas, which is derived from green plants or waste organic matter. Biogas has a very positive impact on the environment, since the combustion of biogas produced less CO2, as used by plants for photosynthesis, which were obtained from biogas.

Biogas: Basics

In the process of fermentation bacteria under anaerobic conditions in several phases decomposed organic material to finished products, each of which represents the largest proportion of methane.
In a fermentation process for four different processes that follow in sequence until a methane is formed. Processes take place under the influence of several types of bacteria ahaerobnih that are active for:

  • hydrolysis of complex bonds in organic molecules (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, sugars, amino acids),
  • fermentation (simple organic acids, alcohols),
  • transformation into branched molecules with a number of methyl groups (acetic acid, hydrogen, formic acid, bicarbonate) and
  • synthesis of biogas.

Substrate that occurs after microbial fermentation contains indigestible substances that contain minerals and microbial biomass and nutrient.

The energy released from burning carbohydrates is theoretically equal to that generated by combustion of biogas. The resulting energy is equal to that consumed in photosynthesis.

The advantage of biogas is mainly in the fact that you can change the cogeneration system for electricity. Biogas burns in a gas engine, which runs electric generator. When burned it releases heat that can be consumed for heating of industrial processes or for district heating of residential.

After many years of experience in foreign countries and optimization of technological equipment, together with our clients we develop optimal solutions for the installation of biogas plants. Therefore we achieve the best efficiency of the biogas plant type ECOS.

The company’s services INOKS:

  • design and construction studies
  • assistance in obtaining permits
  • preparation of documentation for a declaration
  • production of complete equipment for the installation of biogas plant
  • implementation on key
  • financing
  • monitoring service.