As specialists in the field of production and Assembly of the products, we offer the best solutions and execution for dedicated and decorative railings on the entertainment facilities, and residential buildings. The company has its own design and quality production and installation. We have our own r & d Department, which deals exclusively with the design and creation of custom fences according to your taste.

For you we manufacture Interior and exterior handrails, straight, stairwells and spiralshapes. We advise you as to the form and appearance of the fences.

The doors are manufactured in sliding and wing design. Sliding doors are manufactured in self-supporting and guided by the guides. Single and double doors, it is possible to be mounted on a steel or stone pillar. All doors possible construction of opening and closing the hand-or motor-driven.


Corrosion-resistant products are carried out from material AISI 304, it’s Wr. Nr. 1.4301 A2 in polished, 240 grain size, and finely milled or fine milled satinirani 320.

Polishedhighly polished, highly illuminating, or elektropolirane, in the Visual-glossyformat (matte, gloss). The fence next to the sea, where the influence of seawater orsalt; in fact, on the shore of the salt is mixed with sand and the wind blowing the sand with salt up to 500 m in the Interior; Therefore, up to 1 km by the sea in the Interior carried out decorative objects from material AISI 316 L, or in better quality back in the same forms of finely polished or glossy. Fences, which are directly in contact with sea water, they must be elektropolirane, where the reduced roughness on Ra 0.4 – 0.8 µ and thus remove all oxides, smoothness and thus hinder limescale particles on the fence. The fence should be compulsory in the pool are earthed, and that as a result of static electricity electrostatics, where we get the galvanic article and thusoxidized screws or parts of surfaces. There is no material error, but that they are earthed. Detajlnejše a statement of reasons or requirements it is necessary to consult with our designers.

Corrosion-resistant products:
  • Straight, circular and spiral stairs, railings
  • Sliding self, single and double-leaf doors
  • Built-in canopies and angular
  • Enoramna, dvoramna, and spiral staircases

Forging is the artistic way of creating metals. When hot materials, the material formpremenijo squeezing is enhanced workpiece combines elegance and strength. In the design of either hot or cold, we produce high-quality forms of forged products.The company design wrought iron products according to your wishes and give you a professional advice regarding the design of the entire product looks like.

Forged products shall be carried out from a material St 37, this is to protect the steel with hot-dip galvanizing (coating up to 120 microns) then the products bi colored in different colors according to the product in many years, ageing then RALU black: gold, silver, copper, green, blue, … Detajlnejše a statement of reasons or requirements it is necessary to consult with our designers.

Forged products:
  • Straight, circular and spiral stairs, railings
  • Sliding self, single and double-leaf doors
  • Built-in canopies and angular
  • Enoramna, dvoramna, and spiral staircases
  • Window shields
  • Vrtani program the lights and stands for flowers.


Pool railings and stairs
Fencing at the pools and crossings serve in decorative and security purposes. Consist of nerjavenih elektropoliranih or hand-polished tubes or profiles.

Swimming pool accessories
We also produce various pool accessories, polepsanje swimming pools and landscaping. The additions we make to order according to the wishes of the customer.

Water cannon, showers and massage elements

We manufacture water cannons of various shapes for baths, thermal baths and private (privat) swimming pools. They are designed for hot bathers and garnish. Massagesponges and small sponges are manufactured in multiple dimensions. Swimming pool for children’s pools, a hedgehog is suitable mainly for swimming pools with the lower surface of the water. They are made of quality material nerjavega w. Nr.1.4301.


For glass products, it is necessary to mount the glass area on pillars laid down or in the ground and the distance of the pillars is determined by the thickness of the glass (single, double, triple laminated). Most ran 8 or 10 mm hardened, transparent or etched mat (of sandblasted) following the edges of the cut and polished for greater ranges, use laminated glass 2 x 5 mm; 2 x 6 mm; 2 x 8 mm; 2 x 10 mm. glass can also be glued to each other with gishards glue laminated with an intermediate film. Therefore determined on the basis of the application design engineer project.

Machining of tempered glass

Because of the characteristic distribution of tensions later tempered glass cannot be processed (for example, cutting, drilling, grinding etc.). Any such intervention wouldcause collapse of the voltage balance and the glass would break. This means that we perform heat treatment only after they are completed, all other types of processing.

The purpose and use of the. Tempered safety glass has a very wide scope.

It is appropriate for:
  • residential and commercial buildings (stairs, doors, automatic doors, predeine walls,sliding walls)
  • facades (parapeti)
  • sports facilities (resistant to impact with a ball)
  • be installed in the vicinity of hot bodies
  • use in protective purposes (protection from falling on the stairways, balconies, fences)
  • external applications (noise protection on roads, shelters, advertising panels, showcases, etc.).